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Brielle is regarded as one of the most famous, influential young women in New Jersey, and a worldwide known Autism Advocate. A Rutgers University Graduate - Douglass College, as well as a Rutgers University Outstanding Alumnae of 2010. She had the honor of speaking about her work with Autism at the prestigious Annual Zagoren Lecture.

Life was turned upside down for her 2006 when she was in a near-fatal car accident. She says that car wreck was a real wake-up call to appreciate everyday and take nothing for granted. In 2011, she recognized the struggles that young women go through and started the company, "House of Motivation," dedicated to helping teen and college girls through difficult times.

Brielle has been honored with some of the most prestigious awards and has experienced once in a lifetime events. She serves as the International Spokesperson for the Luca John Foundation, a 2010 & 2011 Chair for Central NJ Autism Speaks, a NJ Spokesperson for the American Lung Association, recognized by the State Assembly & Senate twice for her work, a popular radio show guest, and the 2010 Pageantry Spirit Award Winner. She is a popular Motivational Speaker in which she focuses on an array of topics. She also writes a blog for which has become popular. She currently is on the National Advisory Board for Autism Radio.

She is also known internationally as an advocate for Brain Cancer, which her father passed away from in 2018. When not actively promoting important causes, she enjoys spending time with friends and her large family. She has a rescue chihuahuha daschund named Bruno (after Cinderella's dog of course!)

Growing up, she spent her summers on her grandparents farm in Staunton, Virginia, and her family's lakehouse in Northeast Pennsylvania in a town of less than 1,000 people!  

"My reigning years were absolutely incredible but it doesn't stop there! May you too feel the power to stand firm in the things that matter most to you. Dream big and let nothing stand in your way." - Brielle LaCosta

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